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3 Days in the Sunny South East

Discover East Cork & West Waterford – Stay in Youghal…..

Day 1
Mid-day arrival in Youghal.  Check into Walter Raleigh 4 Star Hotel  spectacularly located on the sea front promenade and named after Sir. Walter Raleigh, the swashbuckling Elizabethan character that once was Mayor of Youghal.   Settle in with some freshly brewed coffee with a scone & jam.

Once refreshed from your journey we recommend an amble south of your hotel, with the sea to your left, passing the historic Youghal Light House, once guarded and kept by the nuns of the Chapel of St. Anne’s and on to Youghal Front Strand Beach and Boardwalk.  It’s a distance of 1.7kms  – take as long as you like – you’re in charge.  The sea air will refresh you and give you a nice appetite.

Thoughts of lunch will now abound so we suggest a visit to Clancy’s Bar and Restaurant which is on your return stroll.  Clancys, famous in song and story, has a vast lunch menu to suit all tastes, in very interesting décor – we won’t spoil your surprise.

Rested and refreshed from your food and footwork we suggest you head straight to our Youghal Visitor Centre.  It’s just a short walk, but you may wish to drive – there is ample parking on the Quay area, adjacent to the Visitor Centre.  Youghal Heritage Centre is housed within the Visitor Centre – the exhibits here give you an wonderful overview of the history and origins Youghal Town.   Browse through the various gift items and literature in the Visitor Centre, the staff here are more than helpful and  knowledgeable – always happy to answer any of your questions.  You will probably encounter our Town Crier here, in full livery.  A guided tour of Youghal Heritage Town from the Crier is available – staff at the Visitor Centre will be happy to fill you in on schedules etc.If you prefer you may undertake this tour independently by following Youghal’s Heritage Town Map, which is available FREE from the counter at the Visitor Centre.   The recommended walk starts at “Cromwells Arch”, which is marked No. 1 on your map.

On leaving Youghal Visitor Centre you cant but see Youghal Clock Gate Tower, standing proud as it straddles North & South Main Street.
The Clock Tower is now open to visitors and tours are conducted daily.  A visit to Youghal Clock Gate Tower is a journey in time where you will journey through 600 years of history and costumed storytellers who tell the best stories in the world.  A tour culminates with a trip to the top where you can capture the spectacular panorama of Youghal Town and Bay.   You may book your tour for today, tomorrow, or the day after, online or better still you can call to the Youghal Heritage Tours Office,  just 2 doors up from the actual tower and  book your visit/tour.   You will be glad you called!

A visit to The Raleigh Quarter  is a step back into Youghal’s unique history.  The visit includes St. Mary’s Collegiate Church – the oldest church in Ireland  in continuous use.    The tour offering at St. Mary’s Collegiate Church is  amazing.  You have a choice of tour activity:-
(i) a personally guided tour  – experienced tour guides/storytellers take you through the fascinating history
(ii) a self guided audio tour – here you hare the emotional reunion of the imaginary Roe family as they talk about the history of the church and their own family memories
(iii) a visit to the interactive interpretive centre – follow the time line of 1220 to-date – see the archaeological dig of 2014.
This whole experience is absolutely absorbing and suitable for all ages.

Undertake the  Church Graveyard Trail, the lush and colourful College Gardens & Youghal’s 13th Century Town Wall Walk, giving panoramic views of Youghal Town & River Blackwater Estuary are all part of the Raleigh Quarter experience.    Each element of The Raleigh Quarter is an experience in itself, however, we do recommend an allocation of 2 hrs to experience the Quarter in its entirety.

Following your Raleigh Quarter tour you will appreciate a sit down so as you approach you vehicle at the car park you will note “Moby Dicks” Bar.    “Moby Dicks” plays a key part in Youghal’s social history: it was operations headquarters for the cast and crew of the famous John Huston film of the same name.   The bar here has an array of very interesting pictures and artefacts from that time.  Call in…..have a refreshing drink and while you are there get to see the many original photographs from that famous time in Youghals social past.

Wind up your busy day with dinner – the choice is yours – dine at any of the very fine restaurants at Walter Raleigh Hotel followed by a nightcap in the cosiness of the Walter Bar.

Day 2
Take your time and linger over breakfast – relaxation in the name of the game in Youghal.  Take a stroll across the road to Memorial Park, sit, smell the sea, and take the air.
Let  the Youghal Clock Gate Tower visit and tour be your first port of call this morning.   Park to the rear of  Youghal Visitor Centre on Market Square.   The Tower is just paces away    A Youghal Clock Gate Tower  tour is an experience like no other.  It is simply a gem in Irelands Ancient East.  Here you will hear, see and touch our unique history and walk through the centuries with our storytellers – all of this under the ever-present ticking clock.   We won’t tell you any more – we want you to experience this delight first-hand.  Allow an hour for this tour.
Lunch time – your choices are unlimited…light lunch, full lunch, its all on hand and no establishment too from from the Clock Gate Tower.  Check out Sage, La Bella Roma by Luigi,  Rivergate Café & Restaurant,  Rendezvous, or Priory Coffee,  you won’t be disappointed.  Sit back relax and enjoy….

Once rested now and fed we recommend you now take a little driving trip to our neighbouring town, Midleton, a mere 25 minute drive. Take in The Jameson Experience (Old Midleton Distillery).   The Jameson Experience is for the history and whiskey enthusiast and is a leap  through history.  You will smell the malted barley drying, have a little taste, you will learn about the “Angels Share and…. we won’t divulge any secrets, but it’s a must.  The tour takes approximately 90 minutes and during the Summer months pre-booking is advisable.    While in Midleton, why not leave your car in the large car park by Jameson Old Distillery and dine out.  O’Donovans Restaurant a few paces away from you offers an exciting Early Birds menu.   Try it out!

Back at base, having had a busy day, its time to relax and ruminate over your busy days activities.   Take a stroll along  the 1798 Memorial Park, in front of your accommodation, sit and enjoy the great sea view before heading inside for a nightcap.

Day 3
OK – A very hearty breakfast this morning in readiness for a very busy day!.  This morning we are sending you on a short drive (20 minutes) to the ancient and beautiful village of Ardmore, Co. Waterford – it is very well signposted on N25.  Ardmore is a charming village and has an ancient history and to-day we suggest the “The Ardmore Cliff Walk”.  This walk begins near the Cliff House Hotel. The walk has marker posts along the route.  On the route you will pass the Old Coastguard Station, the ancient St. Declan’s Cell and Holy Well, The Round Tower and many other ancient ruins – each with its own story.  Bring your walking shoes.  Travel at your own pace and enjoy   Once completed lunch at the beautiful Cliff House Hotel will be a very welcome and luxurious treat.

Back in Youghal, down to the Quay area now  to commence your Cruise on the Blackwater on board the “Maeve Og” with skipper Tony Gallagher and his faithful companion “Pharaoh”.  Tony will take you on a magical trip, sailing north on the beautiful Blackwater and passing the many historical sights and buildings on the way.  Tony is a charming story teller and his knowledge of the River and surrounding history is vast.  Allow 90 minutes for your Cruise and dress warm.

A cruise on the beautiful Blackwater is a guaranteed appetite builder.   For your final night in Youghal we recommend Ahernes Townhouse Restaurant & Bar.  Ahernes Seafood Restaurant is internationally renowned as a gourmet landmark.  Sit back relax and be pampered and promise to return.