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Youghal Bay

Take to the sea….

In 1631 pirates of all nations swarmed the sea entering Youghal Harbour.  The most notorious was a seaman called “Nutt”.  Legend has it that he buried kegs of gold on “Capel Island”, in the Bay.

Happily,  “Nutt” is no longer and, alas, neither is the hidden gold!    However, the treasures now in Youghal Bay are in its fishing, sailing and surfing.  The recent addition of 8 new Visitor Moorings offers great opportunities for our seafaring visitors to explore Youghal Bay.  A Deep Sea Fishing Expedition is a great adventure and will give all our angling enthusiasts a great chance to bring something exciting home for tea, after a smashing day out on Youghal Bay.  Martin of  South Coast Charter Angling  and John & Gavan of Sea Hunter provide such days, why not contact them – you’ll be glad you called!

If you prefer a simple dilly dally on the Bay, Tony Gallagher, of Blackwater Cruises also offers trips on the Bay on board his sea worthy “Maeve Og”.    Youghal Sailing Club is a very lively and active club and new members are always welcome.  Give them a call.

Youghal Bay activities are all a far cry from Pirate “Nutt’s” time, but they are equally as adventurous and far more enjoyable.