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Foróige is Ireland’s leading, most successful youth organisation and has been working with young people since 1952! That’s more than 60 years.  The Foróige approach to youth work is underpinned by a strong philosophy which inspires us in our daily work. It will inspire you too! Foróige employs project staff also trains volunteers to operate the services.

The services at Foróige Youth Centre & Café, Nagle House, South Abbey Youghal are as follows:

 Youghal Community Based Drugs Initiative
Aim: To enable young people and adults in the area who misuse or are at high risk or misusing alcohol or drugs. To involve themselves in their own development; including taking positive steps to cope with and alleviate problems in their lives due to drug and alcohol issues.
Family Support group for persons affected by drug/alcohol use on Wednesday nights at 7.00pm.
Contact: 086 3842183

Youghal Gárda Youth Diversion Project
Aims: To divert young people (aged 12 – 17) from becoming involved or further involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour. This is achieved through providing suitable interventions to facilitate personal development and encourage civic responsibility.
Project staff also supports parents in their role.
Identifying young people at risk, and to develop prevention and other intervention programmes to meet their needs.
Contact: Catherine Ryan on 086 0481956 or 086 1702347

Email: [email protected]

Youghal Youth Café
This is a volunteer led youth café supported by Foróige. The main objective of the Youghal Youth Café is to provide a safe recreational space for young people (aged 12-17) to socialise, develop themselves and access services where they need arises.  The Youth Café will also aim to improve the life chances of young people, especially those who may be experiencing some difficulty.
Opening times: Thursdays 7.30pm – 9.00pm (September to June)

Contact the chairperson or one of the volunteers on: 087 6343757

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact one of the above numbers.

■ www.foroige.ie

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