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Youghal Clock Gate Tower

Journey through centuries of Time…

Youghal Clock Gate Tower occupies the  site  Trinity Castle, one of the five principal fortifications of the late 14th/15th century Walled Town.  The large, commanding structure of Trinity Castle straddled the Main Street and was the dividing gate between the Main Town (now North Main Street) and the Base Town (now South Main Street).

In place of Trinity Castle, Youghal Clock Gate Tower was built in 1777 as a gaol, but its story spans 700 years of history.  This iconic building has opened its doors again, though this time not as a grim prison, but as a place to explore tales from its fascinating past.   Against period backdrops, the storytellers at Youghal Clock Gate bring you through the surprising life and times of this distinctive site and the many and varied characters associated with it throughout the years.

Call to the Youghal Heritage Tours office, right next door to the Tower itself, to enquire about a tour or indeed log on to Youghal Clock Gate Tower website from where you can book a tour online.