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Youghal 2019

IRONMAN, a Wanda Sports Holdings company, has announced the addition of its first full distance event in Ireland, IRONMAN®Ireland, Cork. The inaugural race will take place on June 23, 2019.

“IRONMAN” is an incredibly prestigious sporting competition, held in locations throughout the world. Now, for the first time in Ireland, Cork will host a full-distance IRONMAN competition starting in 2019. Youghal will be centre stage for the next three years as we showcase our beautiful beaches, historic towns and world-renowned hospitality to a world-wide audience

Many thousands of visitors from Ireland and around the world will participate and be spectators in this IRONMAN experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for athletes and visitors alike to experience a “Pure Cork” welcome.

If you are planning your visit to Cork for IRONMAN Cork, here are some resources that you may find helpful in securing accommodation in the Youghal and East Cork Region.

Click on the following links for details of Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Self Catering, Caravan/Camping

Locals, some of them athletes themselves, have been canvassed and asked to rent out their available rooms and homes to our guests in Youghal for IRONMAN Ireland Cork in 2019.   This is a local service run by volunteers, supported by Y.S.E.D.G. and is in no way directly connected to IRONMAN.

Anyone who wishes to register their property is required to submit same with a checklist that ensures minimum standards and prices are agreed before they are added to contact list.  Additional extras that help make your stay and race experience better are all included in the checklist, secure bike storage, wet-suit drying facilities etc.
If you would like to advertise your property use the SUBMIT link below and our volunteers will be in touch soon to follow-up. If you are an athlete you can search for a suitable house or room/s under the appropriate link and once you make contact with a provider any contract is between you and the provider.  Please ask the provider to send you photos/details of the accommodation.

These are the guideline prices that you should expect to pay/receive for renting a house/apartment per week:

1 Bed Apartment/House €500
2 Bed House €600-700
3 Bed House €700-€800
4 Bed House €800-€900
5 Bed House + €900 +

These are the guideline prices per room – per night, that you should expect to pay/receive:

Single Room €50-70
Double Room €80-100
Triple Room €110-120

There are always exceptional houses that will command a slightly higher price, if you experience householders listed who are charging significantly more, please feel free to contact our office so that we can address this matter with the homeowner.
Campsite accommodation has also been made available by our local GAA Club.  For further information simply click on to youghalironmancampsite.ie.