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Youghal Leads the Way Anti-Litter Challenge 2019

Top marks for Youghal in Anti Litter Challenge 2019

By Youghal Tourism Thursday AT 7:02PM

The annual Cork County Council Anti-Litter Challenge showcases the energy and dedication of the local communities in Cork County.  It is a prime example of what can be achieved by a partnership approach between the Council and the Community.  The objectives of the competition are to reduce litter pollution in the county as a whole and to encourage community solutions to the litter pollution.

The results of Week 1 (13th May – 22nd May) of the Cork County Council Anti-Litter Challenge have been declared and we are thrilled to announce that Youghal is out in front with a total mark of  998.7marks out of 1000.
Well done us!  Not alone are we tops in our category – we are tops overall.  Check out the Anti -Litter League Table

When contacted Ned Brennan, stalwart of Youghal Tidy Towns, had this to say.
“Great result, Week 1, best score ever, 1 piece of litter and 3 cigarette butts. Well done.”
(Note: Part of the judging criteria is:
·  1 point deducted for each piece of litter
· 0.1 point deducted for each cigarette butt)
Week 2 judging period is  
27th  May – 5th June
It is always a challenge to stay at the top but the Youghal community is a great machine and plans to stay focused and become litter free.