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Gold Medalist Olympian to participate in IRONMAN Cork!

IRONMAN Cork brings Gold to Youghal and East Cork…..

By Youghal Tourism Thursday AT 11:26AM

Gold Medalist Alistair BrownleeOne of the most recognisable faces of triathlon and the holder of two Olympic Gold medals, Alistair Brownlee, will make his full-distance IRONMAN debut at IRONMAN Cork in approximately 2 weeks time in Youghal, County Cork.  The British athlete will join over 2,300 competitors from across the globe for Ireland’s first ever full IRONMAN which takes place on June 23rd.

Speaking at the announcement of Brownlee’s participation, Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Patrick Gerard Murphy, highlighted how IRONMAN Cork is shining a global spotlight on East Cork:

IRONMAN Cork is going to be an amazing spectacle for both athletes and visitors.  I would like to welcome Alastair together with all his fellow competitors, from at home and abroad, to Cork, where we will play host to an incredible sporting event with Youghal centre stage.

As one of their fastest-selling events, IRONMAN Cork will begin with a 3.8km (2.4mile) swim from the golden and sandy Claycastle beach in Youghal Bay.  The competitors will then take on a 180km (112-mile) bike course where the challenge of climbing up the famous Windmill Hill, twice, will undoubtedly be a spectator hotspot.   The bike course travels around Cork County, into the town of Midleton with Youghal Bay, Ballycotton Island and Cork Harbour providing stunning backdrops.  The bike course will rise to a maximum elevation of 190 metres above Youghal before a technical drop back into the town.

After tackling the bike course, the competitors will embark on the 42km (26.2mile) running course around Youghal. This will be a flat four-lap course through the centre of Youghal, taking in Youghal Harbour and the famous Clock Gate Tower.   Athletes will run under the arch of the Clock Gate Tower in the centre of town during each lap before finally running under the iconic Ironman finishing arch at Green Park.

Cork County Council is lead sponsor for IRONMAN Cork and has been instrumental in bringing Ireland’s first full IRONMAN to Cork.   Highlighting the role of the Council, Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey spoke of how Cork County will be a central character at one of the most prestigious sporting competitions in the world:
55% of all IRONMAN Cork participants will arrive to Cork from overseas, including world renowned triathlete Alastair Brownlee which will raise our County of Cork to a global platform.  It will also demonstrate the kind of work we do with our communities and businesses in order to bring this investment to East Cork which is bringing real benefits.  IRONMAN Cork is set to generate an estimated €8 million economic boost to the local economy but this is only the beginning and I am confident that this is the start of many wins for Cork County.”