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Streetscape Painting, Signage & Improvement Scheme 2017

East Cork Municipal District Streetscape Painting, Signage & Improvement Scheme 2017

By Youghal Tourism Tuesday AT 3:48PM


Cork County Council is pleased to announce the following schemes for 2017:

  1. Tenants or owners of buildings can avail of a grant of up to 50% of the cost of painting the facades along the street. Applications for grant aid will not be considered where premises have  plastic, sheet metal, neon signage etc.  A separate signage scheme will facilitate applicants who wish to improve their signage.
  2. Applications on a full street basis (10 or more adjacent buildings on one street) will be prioritised over individual applications. If a full street comes together a grant of 60% will be provided.
  1. Priority will be given to applications received by 12th May 2017.
  1. Tenants or owners of buildings in the Town Centre can avail of a grant of up to 50% of the costs of replacing existing plastic, neon & printed signs etc. with “Heritage Type Signs”.

A contribution to a maximum of 50% towards the cost of materials where it is proposed the tenant/owner will undertake the work themselves

The following steps need to be taken to qualify for the Painting and Signage Grants:

Make a formal application in writing to the  applicable Municipal District Offices of Cork County Council providing the following information:

1.  Photograph of the building’s present condition/current signage arrangement.

2.   Two quotations from registered painting contractors for the proposed painting works and/or   one quotation from  the sign manufacturer.

3.  Proposed colour scheme.
(Please note that applicants should have regard to the attached Palette of Colours at Appendix 1 but may consider other colour palettes as well. The proposed colour scheme will also require Council approval.)

4 .  Details of the proposed new signage. The proposed signs should be ‘‘Heritage Type Signs,
approved by CCC’’ of  wood or wood/cast metal construction and painted. Plastic, sheet metal, neon etc. will not be considered.

The Contractors quotation is to be approved by the Council prior to works commencing. For the purposes of this scheme, no works shall be undertaken until a valid application is received and approved by CCC. Where works are undertaken without the prior approval of CCC, a grant will not be awarded to the applicant. On completion of works, the Council are to be notified so that an inspection can be arranged.  Works must be completed within 4 months of the date of approval.

If the scheme is oversubscribed the applicants eligible to continue in the application process will be selected by what is considered to be the highest need.

Where a contractor is appointed it shall be the responsibility of the successful applicants to ensure that all necessary consents are obtained and all relevant legislation and codes of practice, in particular those related to Health & Safety which apply to such work and / or approved schemes, are complied with.

The Contractor to submit relevant invoices to the applicant who in turn submits the invoice and receipts to the Council for approval and payment of funds. Please note a valid application does not guarantee funding.

Local Authority Charges due by applicants must be paid up to date. Where a service charge is outstanding the relevant building will not qualify for the scheme.

Photographs of approved properties may be used in future promotions of the Streetscape Painting and Signage Scheme.
Application Form
Colour Palette 1
Colour Palette 2
Colour Palette 3

Please note that the Contract is between the applicant and the painting contractor/sign manufacturer.
Applications should be submitted to Joe McCarthy, Municipal District Officer, Cork County Council, Mall House, Youghal,  Co. Cork
The Council’s adjudication on the validity of any application for this scheme and any grant sum to be allocated on foot of an application shall be final.