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Munster Brewery

For the discrening beer drinker – “Blackguard” “Fir Bolg” & “12 Towers”…..

087 9878 171

It was 2013, the middle of a recession and money was hard to come by. What better time to set about opening a craft brewery. Twin brothers Padraig and Adrian Hyde decided to take the plunge and follow their hearts on brewing beer that is pure and brewed the way nature intended.

With bottled craft beers named “Blackguard” “Fir Bolg & 12 Towers….the rest is history…….can’t be bad.
Tours of Adrian & Pádraig also offer tours of their Brewery with a little taster thrown in – why not give them a call.


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Munster Brewery

Unit 2F Youghal Business Park Parkmountain Youghal Co Cork

Call 087 9878 171 Visit Website