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New ‘Brand Identity’ for Youghal

A new brand identity and logo has been developed for Youghal….

By Youghal Tourism Wednesday AT 8:50PM

New ‘Brand Identity’ for Youghal Set to Enhance Marketing and Promotion of Town

Letter Box PA new brand identity and logo has been developed for Youghal.  Commissioned by Cork County Council, and developed by The Youghal Socio-Economic Development Group (YSEDG), the new designs and branding are set to be rolled out across a series of marketing initiatives in the coming months.

Speaking at the launch of the re-brand, Manager of the YSEDG Aileen Murray explained the rationale for the re-design.  “Youghal has taken huge steps in regenerating itself over past 8-10 years which had not been reflected in any one clear brand identity.  Youghal’s offering to holiday makers is significant and needed to be demonstrated.  With funding and support from Cork County Council’s East Cork Municipal District we believe we have replicated the improved ‘look’ and experience of Youghal as a destination for both domestic and overseas visitors through a new brand identity”.  Said Aileen.

A logo kit and guidelines will be available for any groups/organisations who wish to use the brand for their own marketing purposes.  The logo can be used across a range of platforms including online and all forms of print.  The design focuses on the town’s significant heritage offering, both natural and built heritage.

Sign PThe identity was developed by Cork based design and web agency Studio Forty 9 who has also been tasked with the development of a new official website for the town www.youghal.ie.  The new site is set to be launched in July 2016.  Coupled with the scheduled opening of the Youghal Clockgate Tower as a visitor attraction in August 2016 and the inclusion of Youghal in Fáilte Ireland’s ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’ initiative, the town is finally beginning to deliver on its potential through a sustained programme of promotion for the town.
Siobhan Sheehan, CEO of Youghal Chamber explained how the new brand identity will be a huge boost to their marketing efforts.  “We have already used the logo across a range of marketing materials, including our new glossy map and brochure of the town, postcards and banners.  It has already been so well received.  We now all need to ‘buy into’ this brand and present a streamlined and true reflection of Youghal today. ” Said Siobhan.

A number of ‘branding workshops are expected to be conducted by The Youghal Socio-Economic Development Group and Cork County Council over the coming months which will seek to get buy-in from the local community to the new brand identity for the town.




Issued by: The Youghal Socio-Economic Development Group

For a copy of the branding toolkit and guidelines please contact Tel: 024-81814

E: [email protected]