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Midleton & Youghal Town Centre Painting & Signage Programme 2021

…..fresh coat for fresh beginnings……

By Youghal Tourism Wednesday AT 9:15AM

Cork County Council is pleased to announce the following scheme for 2021

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Tenants and/or owners of buildings along the main thoroughfares of each town can avail of a grant of up to 50% of the cost of painting the facades along the street. This generally excludes the painting of the shop front as this is considered to be the domain of corporate identity but exceptions will be considered.


The following steps need to be taken to qualify for the Painting and Signage Grants:

~ Make a formal application in writing to the  East Cork Municipal District Offices, Cork County Council, Town Hall, Youghal providing the following information:

    1   Photograph of the building’s present condition/current signage arrangement.

    2   Two quotations from registered painting contractors for the proposed painting works .

    3   Proposed colour scheme.  Please note that applicants should have regard to the Heritage Palette of Colours, but may consider other colour palettes as well.

    4   Shops which display signage which is considered in appropriate will not be considered for a grant but show owners can avail of a signage scheme if they wish to upgrade their signage to a more appropriate “Heritage Type” Signage.

~  The Contractors quotation is to be approved by the Council prior to works commencing.  Works commenced without prior agreement with the Council will not be considered for funding. On completion of works, the Council are to be notified so that an inspection can be arranged.

~  The Contractor is to submit relevant invoices to the applicant who in turn submits the invoice to the Council for approval and payment of funds.

~  Please note a valid application does not guarantee funding.

Note:  The Contract is between the applicant and the painting contractor.