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Youghal Choral Society – Culture Night 2022 Recital

….the magic of.Choral Voice from St. Mary’s Collegiate Church…

Fri 23rd September 202219:30 - 20:15

On this the 17th edition of Culture Night we will once again celebrate Culture, Creativity and the Arts as we promote our rich and varied culture which is very much alive and treasured in the lives of the Youghal population.

We are delighted to confirm that the much loved  Youghal Choral Society will  give us a  recital of charming music and choral voice on the night from the chancel of the historic St. Mary’s Collegiate Church.   A Youghal Choral Society recital, under the stewardship of Patricia White, will, as always, entertain, beguile and captivate us making Culture Night 2022 a very beautiful evening.



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St Mary's Collegiate Church - Youghal, Co. Cork.

St. Mary’s Collegiate Church

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