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“Vagabones” the Opera

…..the case of a woman condemned as the “Witch of Youghal”

Thu 12th September 201920:00 - 21:30

Opera Collective Ireland presents the World Premiere of Raymond Deane’s “Vagabones”.   Based on Emma Donoghue’s stage adaption of her 1996 radio play Trespasses, the opera is a fictionalisation of the judge’s own account of the case of Florence Newton in Youghal – one of only a handful of witch trials that ever took place in Ireland.  Set in the small Co Cork town of Youghal,  over three days in 1661, the opera works as a moving tale of conflicted human emotions and stratagems, while deftly touching on issues of gender, fundamentalism, imperialism and the clash of cultures.

With a stellar cast of Irish talent, directed by Ben Barnes and the musicians of Crash Ensemble, Vagabones will be a culmination of great writing, superb theatre and thrilling music.
*Libretto by Renate Debrun.

The author Emma Donoghue writes:
“In the mid 90s, when I came across the 1661 trial record of Florence Newton, the ‘Witch of Youghal’, what seized me was how rare a situation it illuminated – it’s one of only a tiny handful of Irish witch hunts – and how interesting the details were. The case grew out of Protestant/Catholic and settler/native misunderstandings and tensions that still affect the Northern Irish peace process (as well as the politics of other colonized nations) today. This story of a kiss that makes someone violently ill also asked questions about powerless women, what they might have to resort to for survival, and whether solidarity and tenderness might be possible between them.   Arthur Miller’s The Crucible was one helpful reference, but also Brian Friel’s Translations.

Admission: Adult – €20.00   Concession: €18.00
Telephone reservations at 087 9593276
Tickets available from Crees Card Shop, North Main Street, Youghal.
Some tickets also available at the door on the night.
Early reservation is advisable.

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