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Spirit of Samhain – Youghal

……be part of the magic of the past & the spirit of Samhain

Tue 31st October 202313:00 - 21:00

Be part of the Youghal Samhain Festival celebrations: ……………………..
A festival for ALL AGES.
This festival transports you back in time to the ancient Celtic traditions of Samhain. This mystical event unfolds in the historic town of Youghal, a town steeped in legends and folklore.  An Bhean Uisce will once again walk through the streets  collecting the hopes, dreams, and wishes of her town’s people.   Youghal Library itself will come alive as storytellers weave haunting tales of spirits, lost souls, and eerie encounters.  Barry’s Lane will transform into a lively street party. The highlight of the Samhain festival will be the Witches’ Ritual.

Guests are welcome to observe this ritual from the Mall walls, witnessing the blending of ancient traditions with our modern day ones.  We will say a fond farewell as  An Bhean Uisce returns to the Otherworld for another year.

We want you to leave our festival, carrying with you the echoes of ancient stories, the magic of the past, and the Spirit of Samhain.

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