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John B Keane’s “Moll” produced by Youghal Little Theatre

…….who really runs the parish…

Thu 5th October 2023 - Sat 7th October 202320:00 - 21:30

“Moll” by John B. Keane is an hilarious comedy about life in an Irish country presbytery and gives an insight into who is truly running local affairs in a fictional parish.
This comedy opens in Canon Pratt’s parlour, when he and his two curates, Fr Brest and Fr Loran, are faced with the problem of replacing their housekeeper. As the comedy develops, many changes come to the parish and the parochial house.   When the presbytery gets the new housekeeper, it is like “a country that gets a change of government”, or a family who gets a new stepmother.

Moll Kettle would work for no less than a Canon for, in her own words, ‘Tis hard to come back to the plain black and white when one is used to the purple’.

“Moll” is directed by Jim Morey with Moll played by Olwyn Dillon and a cast of six local talented actors.

Admission: €15.00 and may be purchased online at Living Youghal  and/or  by cash at Crees Card Shop, North Main Street, Youghal or/and at Theatre Door or the night.

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The Mall Arts Centre

Mall House Youghal, Co Cork
Eircode: P36FR96

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