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Frances Black in Concert

….the sweetest voice of Ireland…

Sat 22nd July 202320:00 - 21:45

When Nanci Griffith called Frances Black “the sweetest voice of Ireland,” she was paying tribute to someone who has been one of Ireland’s best-loved and most enduring artists since the late 80s, with a string of best-selling albums, awards and other accolades behind her.

Frances was born in Dublin, and her parents Patty and Kevin were both very musical. Although she was a shy child, she began singing with her older siblings, Shay, Michael, Mary, and Martin, known as The Black Family , when she was 17.

Frances’ career in music has been so successful that it posed a dilemma when it came to choosing the 40 tracks for The Essential Frances Black compilation, as there were so many hit singles and songs that audiences loved, to choose from. We hope that this wonderful collection will give hours of enjoyment from the voice of the lady who has captured the hearts of so many people all around the world over the past 20 years.

Tickets @ €30.00 may be purchased online from Living Youghal

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