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An Otter in the Sand

…..with sand as the canvas……

Sun 22nd August 2021   Start time: 12.30pm

This year, as part of Heritage Week, the brilliant artist Sean Corcoran, will turn the sand of Claycastle Beach Youghal into his canvas to promote the work of Cork Nature Network’s  Cork Otters  project together with all the fantastic work that their volunteers do to protect our lovely otter friends.   Remember Youghal’s own Olly the Otter!

Why not plan a day out with the family and friends on Sunday 22nd  August and see some amazing artistic works.
This event is FREE for all to see and volunteers of Cork Nature Network will be available to answer any of your questions.

NOTE:   We do ask and remind you that for the safety of everybody all Covid-19 guidelines be respected and adhered to.  No large crowds will be allowed and 2mtre distance must be maintained at all times.

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