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The Raleigh Quarter Artist Studios

Let each one of us exercise the art we think we know….

A short stroll from the main street in Youghal will bring you into the heart of the beautiful medieval Raleigh Quarter.  There, nestled between the historical St. Mary’s collegiate Church and the magnificent walled gardens you will find “The Raleigh Quarter Studios.   This hidden gem, housed in converted stables, is the home to 5 very diverse artists.

Youghal native, Andrea Cashel, is a landscape artist specialising in chalk pastels.  Growing up beside the sea has been an enduring sours of inspiration.  She revisits the same stretch of beach everyday and never ceases to be fascinated by it.  Her most recent work has focused on capturing light on water and the reflective surface of wet sand at low tide.  For further details check Andrea’s website 

Whimsical Wool Creations artist Deirdre Morris, a Youghal native, blends the beauty and simplicity of waldorf style needle felting with her own family inspired wool portraits.  Her art studios in the Raleigh Quarter Studios are the perfect setting for inspiration and motivation surrounded by history, beauty and fellow artists.  Contact Deirdre via her Whimsical Wool Creations Facebook Page and at [email protected]


French artist and illustrator Sophie Heloise-Cousin has been living in Youghal and made it her home for a few years now.  Using pen and ink Sophie creates line drawings, taking her inspirataion from Youghal and its particular light and aspect.   Log on to Sophies website



Another native Youghal artist creating her works from The Raleigh Quarter Artist Studios is Diane Magee.  Born in Youghal, Co. Cork, Diane lives, works and breaths as a full time artist.  Much of Diane’s work explores and records the landscape, the subject within the landscape, warm and cool colours and light and dark.  The views which surround Diane daily are her direct source of inspiration which she finds endlessly fascinating and challenging. Check out Diane’s website.

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The Raleigh Quarter Artist Studios

The Raleigh Quarter Art Studios St. Mary's College Youghal, Co. Cork.
Eircode: P36 N796