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Youghal Virtual Medieval Festival

For heritage, history, stories, music & song from a Medieval Town….

Sat 14th August 2021 - Sun 22nd August 2021   Online

We are thrilled and excited to announce that there WILL BE a Youghal Medieval Festival celebrated in 2021, a VIRTUAL Medieval Festival.

Youghal Medieval Festival 2021 will be novel, innovative, informative and fun – It will be VIRTUAL…. so everybody can enjoy the action. There will be talking, there will be walking, there will be music, there will be song and it will be for a whole week long at a time of your choosing – so nobody will be left out and nobody will fear any splashes of rain.  The 2021 event is set to take place from August 14th to August 22nd 2021.
Watch this space.!

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