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The Shuttle

Together let’s make the roads a “Safer Place to Be” in Cork County.

Thu 3rd October 201910:00 - 17:00

Cork County Council, together with the Road Safety Authority present a vital opportunity to all of us to visit The Shuttle,  an interactive road show in learning how to STAY SAFE on our roads.

The Shuttle is an Interactive Unit.  Its main objective is to provide the general public and other target audiences with the chance to interact with various road safety campaigns and to spread the message about the importance of road safety. The new Shuttle is now on the road since June 2015 with the latest simulations and immersive technologies.

This experience aims to raise awareness of killer behaviours such as speeding, driver distraction (mobile phone use), driver fatigue, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and many other issues.

The Roll-Over simulator also accompanies the Shuttle and highlights the importance of wearing ones seat belt correctly. The Roll Over simulator is fitted to a hydraulic platform which can simulate a 90 degree and 180 degree roll-over, demonstrating  how it would feel if you were the driver or the passenger involved in a less than desirable incident.  It will show you the effects of being suspended by your seat belt.   After this demonstration, people will never travel in a car without a seat belt on.

This is a Free Public Event



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Nealons Quay, Youghal, Co. Cork.