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Welcome to Youghal, the gem of Irelands Ancient East, at the mouth of the River Blackwater in East Cork, on the South Coast of Ireland.Cork County Council support Youghal.ie

So here is the start of your journey to Youghal at Youghal’s official website. We have complied all you need for your visit, including a ‘Top 10 Things to Do’ details of all of our ‘festivals and events’ and a range of itineraries whether travelling with the kids and family or looking for a cultural touring experience.  With over 3,000 bed nights in the area comprising hotels, self-catering units and guest houses we have accommodation choices to suit every need and budget.

Youghal is truly a unique place. With miles of sandy beach coupled with a rich medieval history!

It is this history that has brought us the Youghal of today – a distinct and unique place, blending a modern town centre, teaming with tangible historic character and curiosity, complemented by the beaches and waterside amenities of a seaside suburb.

Come to Youghal. See it, feel it.